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Many of our suppliers have counted on us for years to move their products

Alpine Liquidation Services is a professional sales outlet for Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers. We turn inventories, liquidations, overstocks, closeouts into CASH.

Nathan Bailey founded Alpine Liquidation Services as an outlet for small businesses and manufacturers to to sell their inventories in many retail and E-commerce marketplaces. While there are many companies that specialize in large manufactures, few are willing to work with new to market products, one-of-a-kind items, small lots. Alpine Liquidation Services fills that need.

Alpine Liquidation Services has the experience and ability to quickly assess your inventory, determine suitable secondary outlets, purchase it and then sell items in alternate markets far from your current distribution channels. Our attitude, experience, integrity and professionalism combine to make a valuable resource your business can count on.


The Importance of Trusted Wholesale & Liquidation Buyer Relationships

In today’s economy, efficient inventory management is more important than ever.

With banks and lenders continuing to squeeze credit limits, liquidation is now considered a smart business strategy rather than a company’s last resort. Small businesses need the services of Alpine Liquidation Services to minimize exposure and maximize inventory turns.

Overstocks, Closeouts & Obsolete Inventory

Minimize exposure by selling off bulk inventory before it’s too late. Sitting on merchandise that isn’t selling is dangerous for any company, especially the small business owner. In addition to the depreciation of your inventory, there are other costs to holding dead stock inventory: the cost of space (warehouse or retail), the cost of managing the inventory, the interest payable on your inventory, and finally, your credit limit.

Alpine Liquidation Services can help you with overstocks, closeouts, or obsolete inventory.

Our policy is to develop trust with your company and create smooth transactions, so you can have your merchandise shipped promptly with immediate payment.

Inventory ships to our American Fork, Utah location where we sell it various e-commerce channels and to secondary markets discount and surplus stores or channels – far away from your everyday distribution channels. You can be confident that your merchandise will always be re-distributed as discreetly as possible.